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Afghan Rugs and Carpets: Rugs from Afghanistanv

Afghan rugs are genuine, often charming — and usually phenomenally inexpensive.
At present, it is very hard to sort out which ‘Afghan’ rugs are actually made in Afghanistan, and which are made in Pakistan by Afghan refugees. At least a million Afghans, including hundreds of thousands of rug-weavers, fled Afghanistan during its war with the Soviet Union and subsequent civil war, settling especially in Pakistan and Iran. To my knowledge, very few rugs are shipped directly from Afghanistan to the United States or Europe today. Instead, most are transported to Pakistan, then shipped abroad. So both Afghan rugs made in Pakistan, and Afghan rugs made in Afghanistan, are shipped from Pakistan, often making it impossible to sort out where a particular Afghan rug is actually woven. Perhaps it doesn’t really matter. Presumably at some time many of the refugees will return to Afghanistan and resume rugmaking there. For the purposes of this discussion, we will assume that all rugs made by Afghan…

Oriental Rug Dyes. What you need to know.

True or false – colorfast wool rug can bleed?
The rug may be colorfast in CERTAIN situations. For example, with a regular cleaning or wash, with a neutral or acid side cleaning solution, the rug could be perfectly fine. No dye migration (aka “bleeding”).
But, under different circumstances, it could absolutely have dyes migrate and bleed out.  Some possible culprits – using high heat, using high pH solutions, keeping the rug wet too long (or in a flood), or exposure to pet urine stains.
True or false – A dye fix/lock/stabilizing solution used by cleaners “sets” a wool rug’s dyes?
The solutions available in our industry for professionally cleaning rugs do not “set” the dyes. They STABILIZE them. This means with wool or silk rugs that are NOT colorfast, but test “stable” with the intended stabilizing solution, that you have a WINDOW OF TIME to clean them. (FYI – with silk rugs that window is MUCH shorter than with wool rugs. You better know what you are doing if you are hand…

Moths, Bugs, and Rugs (What you need to know)

Wool rugs are woven to last HUNDREDS of years. In our industry a rug today is not considered to be “antique” unless it is woven before 1900. They are made to last, and many of them do when properly cared for.
However, you put a rug in the wrong conditions, with the wrong bugs, and you can lose that rug in under a year. Eaten away by moths, carpet beetles, or other bugs feeding on other contaminants the rug fibers are holding on to.

This 8’x10′ Turkish rug was completely eaten away while in storage several years. Rugs must be CLEANED and with protective treatments before placing into storage. Worms and waste cover this once beautiful rug. Storage is the place where the worst damage occurs. This makes sense because the bugs like dark, undisturbed places to make their meal.
In homes, with rugs in use, this bug damage will be found under large furniture. Moths and carpet beetles love to eat under a sofa that is never moved to vacuum under it.  And damage will be found UNDERNEATH the rug on…

Islamic and Indian Art at Bonham’s London

A Dragon Carpet Currently displayed at the Museum of Islamic Art

LARTA at Battersea Park The London Antique Rug & Textile Art Fair (LARTA), the British capital’s sole annual exhibition focused on high-end antique carpets and textiles, takes place on 24-29 January 2017. This year, the fair has a different format with a new location in Battersea Park, as part of the Decorative Antiques & Textiles Fair. HALI will be present, bringing magazines as well as textile and carpet books. 

Traditions and Innovations 17–20 OCTOBER 2017
BAKU, AZERBAIJAN ABOUT The 5th International Symposium on Azerbaijani Carpets (ISAC 2017) is an international academic lecture programme organized in partnership with the International Conference on Oriental Carpets (ICOC). It takes place in Baku, Azerbaijan 17–20 October 2017.
The organizers, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences and ‘Azerkhalcha’ Joint-Stock Company, will collaborate on a multiple-venue cultural programme during the Symposium. Two special temporary exhibitions will be presented at the Azerbaijan National Museum of Art (ANMA) and the Azerbaijan Carpet Museum.
An 8-day HALI Tour in Azerbaijan and Georgia will follow the Symposium, 21–28 October 2017.

LARTA antique rugs and textiles fair in London

LARTA at Battersea Park The London Antique Rug & Textile Art Fair (LARTA), the British capital’s sole annual exhibition focused on high-end antique carpets and textiles, takes place on 24-29 January 2017. This year, the fair has a different format with a new location in Battersea Park, as part of the Decorative Antiques & Textiles Fair. HALI will be present, bringing magazines as well as textile and carpet books. 

Give a Fresh and Attractive Look to Your House With Recently Cleaned Oriental Rugs

Oriental mats give a striking and extravagant feel to homes and workplaces. Oriental floor coverings outline conscientiously built carpets from different nations, for example, Iran, Turkey and India. Most Southeast Asian nations are specialists in customary mat weaving. Today anybody can secure premium high quality Oriental floor coverings from numerous dependable makers through on the web. There are presumed online stores that offer intriguing at huge rebates. Veritable one are extravagant and needs fastidious upkeep. Shield your floor coverings from dust, vermin, dampness, stains and pet concerns. Take care of spots and stains rapidly before they get profound into the floor covering and reason changeless harm. Proficient mat cleaning organizations can help an extraordinary arrangement by holding the first look of your carpets for long. The professional companies offer cleaning of Oriental rugs in Canaan.
Floor coverings pull in a ton of dust with normal utilize particularly if ther…

Hire Professional Rug Repairing Services for Effective Result

Home enhancement things are vast in number. A hefty portion of them can demonstrate exceptionally helpful for individuals by including the coveted looks. Maybe the most generally utilized thing for designing homes are mats. It is clear from the history that these things have been utilized from hundreds of years now. They are weaved with an extraordinary level of aptitudes and innovativeness. They include an extraordinary feeling of enticement to homes when utilized for enrichment purposes. Mats can arrive in various sorts like oriental, conventional, Persian and Kilim Rugs. Every one of these floor coverings have been utilized for eras now and demonstrate very helpful. Repairing of Oriental Rugs In Stamford
There may be times when these mats are subjected to harm. The edge of a mat is most generally inclined to harm. Here the establishment of the carpet is uncovered which makes it get to be free and loosen up. Despite the fact that running about with harmed floor coverings repair ca…

Get Repair of Your Oriental rugs in the Most Professional Way

There is something enchanted about antique Persian mats. They generally help me from the story to remember Aladdin, having its enchantment rug and light. The same vivaciousness showed inside the toon re-recounting this story is yours to relish with obsolescent Persian floor coverings. Past their ravishing style, these embellishing stresses have an extremely custom ahead with these. Obsolescent Persian floor coverings are broadly perceived as some with the finest carpets accessible, going back the Bronze Age.
Eco benevolent antique rugs are produced using natural materials. They are typically non-allergenic not withstanding their generation and practice doesn’t have a direct impact about nature. They have a covering that is plant-based instead of the conventional ones that have been petro-synthetic. They don’t just need less vitality to deliver, notwithstanding they can even be uprooted securely as they are biodegradable. Their carbon foot shaped impression is amazingly little, has gr…
Lot 54 A fine Shahrisyabz silk embroidered linen panel (Suzani)
Central Asia, mid 19th Century

Rectangular, the natural field embroidered in crimson, pink, blue and black with a larger meandering vine bearing stylised flower heads, the borders with large floral roundels with trailing floral vine between, backed. 267 x 198 cm. Provenance: Sir William Burrell; his daughter Sylvia (Marion); and thence by descent.
Estimate: £10-15,000

Get Your Rugs Repaired Professionally for Effective and Lasting Result

Rug cleaning is a critical methodology for it may focus the solidness of an essential bit of your home. Utilizing the wrong system for cleaning for your mat or floor covering could prompt genuine harm that may abandon it looking dreary after it is repaired. This makes it imperative to contract the administrations of floor covering cleaning experts who will do great deal with your profitable mat. There are different steps included in the expert mat cleaning procedure. There are number of professional companies that offer services of Rug Repairs in Long Island. Professional handling makes ensure proper cleaning with effective result in the services.
Precleaning investigation: The first thing any expert floor covering cleaner will do is lead a review of your rug preceding the cleaning. The investigation is imperative as it identifies the sorts of stains on the floor covering and aides in the assessment of what is required for an intensive cleaning.
Precleaning vacuum: After the review, th…

Oriental Carpets, Textiles and Tapestries Auction at Dorotheum, Vienna on 30 April

On 30 April 2015 Dorotheum will unroll and spread, hang and drape a breathtaking range of valuable and Antique Rugs, coming from the Imperial Chinese palace as well as the Anatolian village. The selection includes silk carpets of various provenances, a diversity of fine European tapestries and examples of Turkmen workmanship.
Highlights include an early 18th century Ningxia seat cover decorated with foliage dragons from West China (estimate €18,000 to 20,000) and a rare, old rose mat dating to the imperial Kangxi period showing two foliage dragons. A French Savonnerie in typical Louis XVI style (estimate €18,000 to 22,000) displays scattered flowers, fruit as well as the royal emblem, and is distinguished by its extremely deep pile and characteristic transverse technique. The auction also features a cheerful Bukhara Suzani (above, estimate €6,000 to 8,000) with a delicate décor of floral rhombs and little birds from mid-19th century Uzbekistan.

Tips on Buying a Persian Rug

Add classic eleganceand rich texture to your home with a Persian rug. These stunningarea rugs, which date back to ancient Persia, are traditionally made in Iran, though the designs are often
copied and made in other countries, too. Whetheryou are interested in silk Persian rugs for your dining room or Persian carpets to complement the antique furniture in your living room.

Persian Rugs inspired designs on the runway

Famous designers like Givenchy and Hermes were inspired by Persian rug designs for their upcoming spring collections.

The art in Persian hand knotted rugs

Her dress is as beautiful as the Persian rug she is weaving.

A Persian rug in a Persian garden

Here is a beautiful setting for drinking tea in a Persian garden, created by a Tribal Baluchi Rug.

New Contemporary Rug arrivals at Saatchi Rug Gallery

These 2 vintage overdyed decorative rugs with contemporary colors are my personal selection for the upcoming spring season sale.  

The most expensive rug ever sold in the world

An Ancient Persian Rug once owned by American billionaire breaks record, selling for $33.7m or $600k per square foot.
It went for THREE TIMES the previous record for a carpet sale Exquisite handwoven carpet is more than 360 years old. Was bought by industrialist William Clark in Paris in early 1900’s Carpet was sold at Sotheby’s to raise money for museum.
A Persian Rug from the early 17th century sold for $33.7 million in New York City at roughly $600,000 per square foot.
Sotheby’s auction house said Wednesday’s price for the Clark Sickle-Leaf Carpet was more than three times the previous auction record for a carpet.
The Sickle-Leaf Carpet sold to an anonymous telephone bidder.
Tidy pile: This ancient Persian rug, which dates back to the 1650s, sold for an incredible $33.7 million at Sotheby’s in New York
Tidy pile: This Ancient Rug, which dates back to the 1650s, sold for an incredible $33.7 million at Sotheby’s in New York
The exquisite handwoven carpet is more than 360 years old a…